Why Vikan

Why Vikan

Sep 6th 2019

More than one hundred years of cleaning experience

Vikan’s hands-on approach has earned an unparalleled reputation for providing cleaning solutions to real-life challenges in the transport sector. Vikan strives to continuously improve and implement best practices, to impart  knowledge, and to provide all the tools required to maintain your fleet and your reputation.

Continuous improvement

Vikan seeks to set the industry benchmark for effective cleaning. Our specialists are committed to advancing cleaning performance through continuous innovation and knowledge sharing.  Vikan’s effective, efficient and durable products are driven by the needs of the end user, and developed in close collaboration with transportation customers as they strive to better their cleaning performance, while minimizing the time vehicles are out of action.

Danish development and production

Vikan is a 100% Danish owned company, which was founded in 1898 in Skive. For more than 100 years Vikan has specialized in the development of tools and methods for professional cleaning. Their cleaning tools and systems offer the most comprehensive range available on the market.

Vikan is marketed worldwide and is represented by sales subsidiaries in a number of European countries. The export share is 85%. All development and production of Vikan’s products is carried out in Denmark – with the exception of textiles, which today are manufactured in Sweden and Estonia. This provides optimal opportunities to retain and further develop the high quality and delivery service for which they are known.