About Us

The crew behind Fresh Fleet has more than 28 years of experience in finding the best, high-quality cleaning tools for the job across a wide range of industries. R.S. Quality Products, our parent company actually first began by servicing clients in the transport industry so when one of our suppliers announced a new line of transport industry products we were excited to return to one of our earlier focuses—so excited, in fact, that we launched Fresh Fleet just to meet the needs of transport industry professionals. Here you’ll find cost-effective and durable products designed with you and your fleet in mind. We’ve got you covered whether you need to clean busses, commercial trucks, train carriages or even aircrafts. With one of these cleaning tools, you’ll never have to worry about paint getting scratched and with long-reaching handles, you’ll be able to clean even the biggest transport vehicles. When you’re done using the tools, you can store them in specially-designed wall bracket to stay organized and ready for the next cleaning session. Should you have any questions along the way about which tool is best for your fleet, our transport industry experts are happy to help. Contact us today to get started!